Professional Practice Model

Professional Practice Model:

TriHealth’s Nursing Professional Practice Model (PPM), “Caring for People First”, is a schematic that captures the culture and focuses on how we deliver care in our organization to ensure safe, quality care. Not only do we care for our patients and their families, but we also care for our colleagues and the community. The PPM is based on Jean Watson’s Caring Theory. We utilize the following four “pillars” as our care delivery system.

  • Healing Environment: An atmosphere of care involving the patient’s mind, body, and spirit; the environment, including the physical setting, the behaviors of staff, and the actions taken to provide care.
  • Safe and Reliable Care: Care is provided in a reliable, safe manner based on evidence and focused on quality outcomes.
  • Patient/Family Centered: Families and patients are involved in care, education, and discharge planning. Care is provided with respect. There is recognition of personal patient and family relationships that impact care and decisions. Staff demonstrates behaviors that indicate care that is open-minded, non-judgmental and respectful. Care is culturally sensitive.
  • Shared Decision-Making: Care is interdisciplinary. Collaboration amongst caregivers is embedded in the caring process. All caregivers are accountable for their actions and decisions. There is ownership at all levels in the care delivery processes, the environment of care, and outcomes.