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Founded in 1982, The Good Samaritans is an organization of community volunteers dedicated to assisting Good Samaritan Hospital in its mission within the community of Greater Cincinnati.

The Good Samaritans follows its own bylaws and serves Good Samaritan Foundation as a “friend – fundraising society.” The organization was conceived as the brainchild of a group of dynamic women who wished to support the hospital and increase Good Samaritan’s value to society.

The Good Samaritans of Good Samaritan Foundation: What We Do

The Good Samaritans have proven to be extremely effective in impacting community health needs. More than $9.3 million have been raised over the past 35 years through their annual gala. The funds have helped underwrite a variety of efforts undertaken by good Samaritan Hospital to improve the availability and quality of health care for the people of Greater Cincinnati.


*Pictured from left to right: Joyce Lehmann, Holly Mouch, Susan Cranley, Nancy Carley, Jennifer Pavelka, Shiva Ghazi


The Good Samaritans are quite proud of their contributions:

support Supporting patients and families

$330,000 Breast Cancer Program

$303,000 TriHealth Cancer Institute Personalized Medicine Program

$276,000 Fetal Therapeutics Collaborative

support Creating healing environments

$305,000 Cardiovascular Services Department

$270,000 Cardiac Cath Pre/Post Recovery Unit

$250,000 Cardiovascular Services – TMR Heart Laser

$250,000 Digital Mammography for Mobile Van

$246,282 Women’s Services – UltraSound Equipment

$245,000 Radiation Oncology Department

$230,000 Concussion Management Program

$165,000 Outpatient Cancer Care Unit

$90,000 Rehabilitation Center

$87,000 Arrhythmia Mapping Technology for Heart Center

$35,000 Regional Molecular Diagnostic Center

$30,000 Peripheral Laser Angioplasty Laboratory

support Caring for the community

$614,350 Good Samaritan Free Health Center

$583,000 Faculty Medical Center

$506,000 Clinic Assistance Endowment

$346,500 Behavioral Health Department

$114,000 Parish Nurse Ministry Program

$37,000 Community Trauma Prevention Program

support Educating caregivers of today and tomorrow

$253,000 Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science

$47,000 Good Samaritan Nursing School Endowment

support Innovating the future of care

$1,067,360 Medical Education Research Fund

$585,000 E. Kenneth Hatton Research Institute

$299,000 Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Center

$285,000 Perinatal Research Center

$250,000 Cardiovascular Robotic Surgery


Officers of The Good Samaritans of Good Samaritan Foundation Fiscal Year 2019

  • President: Joyce Lehmann
  • President Elect: Pamela Rossman
  • Past President: Holly Mouch
  • Recording Secretary: Susan Cranley
  • Treasurer: Susan Manegold
  • First Year Directors:
    • Nancy Carley

    • Cindy Ortner

  • Second Year Directors:
    • Jennifer Pavelka

    • Shiva Ghazi


Please contact Lynn Meyer or call 513 862 1258 for more information.

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