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COVID-19 Maternity Information

Important Update: In-person maternity classes resume July 1, 2020 (7/1/20) for all classes except the following: Maternity Tours, Big Brother/Big Sister classes, Tummy Time Method classes and Exercise classes.

McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital obstetrics services offers a comprehensive array of high-quality obstetrics services and very personal care to assure a positive, comfortable experience. These include Labor-Delivery-Recovery rooms to provide a home like atmosphere. Following your delivery, you will have a private room. There, you will have the option of having your newborn by your bedside or in the nursery.


  • Visitation Hours for Postpartum, GYN and antepartum patients:
    12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Grandparents and Support person can visit 24 hours a day.
    Labor and Delivery open hours.
  • Fathers or one designated support person may be permitted to remain in the patient's room overnight.
  • Visitation during the labor and delivery process is at the discretion of the physician and nursing staff. The patient may designate up to two support people to attend her delivery.
  • Contact with the infant is permitted by any visitor to whom the mother gives consent. The visitor must be free of infectious diseases and must wash hands prior to infant contact.

Contact information

For more information, please call the obstetrics department at 513 524 5477.

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