Valve Disease

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What is Valve Disease?

Valve disease is a disturbance of the blood flow in the heart. This can happen because of two different things—a narrowing of the valve opening or a valve that does not close correctly. Valve disease can develop because of a congenital defect, previous heart attack, or be a result of mineral deposits around the valve. Mitral valve disease, specifically, is valve disease in the mitral valve – the valve that regulates the blood flow between the two left chambers of the heart. Health Library: Heart Valves
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How is Valve Disease Treated at TriHealth?

Valve disease can be treated in a variety of ways, including routine monitoring, medicine regimens, or the following procedures:

Cardiac Surgery

Our cardiac specialists perform over 650 heart surgeries every year, including procedures performed using minimally invasive techniques.    

Heart Valve Repair and Replacement

Surgeons at the TriHealth Heart Institute have extensive experience in valve repair and replacement.

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