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Heart and Vascular Care

TriHealth’s Approach to Valve Disease

The TriHealth Heart and Vascular Institute heart valve team is made up of award-winning surgeons, highly experienced interventional cardiologists and dedicated nurse coordinators with extensive cardiac experience who all share a passion for exceptional patient care. Working together as a well-oiled machine, they review each case and collaborate with the patient and their loved ones to develop a treatment plan for the best possible outcome.

Nurse coordinators participate in the plan of care with each patient, providing communication, education and a connection to the providers. They want the patient to fully understand and participate in the decisions about their care. Special accommodations are made for interpreters for non-English speaking patients to take away any barriers to their understanding and learning.

  • What is Valve Disease?

    A disruption of blood flow through the mitral valve which is the valve that regulates blood flow between the chambers of the left side of the heart.

  • Multi-Valve Center

    TriHealth’s Structural Heart Team is a group of providers with expertise in valve and other structural heart procedures.

  • Providers You Can Trust

    Patients have trusted TriHealth’s Structural Heart Team for transcatheter, minimally invasive procedures since 2012.