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Heart and Vascular Care

HeartFlow® with CT

3D Personalized Heart Testing – HeartFlow® FFRCT Analysis

Digital, color-coded, 3D model of coronary arteries.

HeartFlow® FFRCT Analysis provides a better alternative to traditional diagnostic tests for coronary artery disease. It begins with a standard non-invasive coronary CT scan. Contrast material is injected into the blood vessels and CT scanning then evaluates blood vessel disease and related conditions such as blockages.

With that rich CT data, HeartFlow® Analysis algorithms are applied and highly trained analysts use that to create a personalized, digital 3D model of the patient’s coronary arteries. Powerful computer algorithms are then used to simulate blood flow and clearly show the impact of blockages on blood flow to the heart. Physicians use that information to help determine the next steps of a treatment plan.

Benefits of HeartFlow®:

  • Provides a more detailed view of the significance of coronary artery blockage than a standard coronary CT scan.
  • Is a non-invasive test with no additional patient risk.
  • Reduces need for follow-up testing and evaluation.
  • Results in a more appropriate treatment of care plan for providers.
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