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The purpose of this information is to provide you with general information about your surgery — whether you will be going home right away (outpatient surgery) or whether you will be admitted to the hospital for a short period of time. Additionally you will receive further information or more specific instructions about the type of procedure you are having, your anesthesia, the facility and staff that will be caring for you on the day of your surgery. This will be provided by both your surgeon and the Pre-Surgical Services Nurse who will be in contact with you.

The hospital pre-surgical care staff will contact you prior to your surgery date to set up either a telephone or hospital appointment to discuss your individual medical history and provide further education. You may call to speak with the Pre-Surgical Services Nurse or to schedule an appointment at the applicable facility number below:

Bethesda North: 513 865 5170 Bethesda Butler: 513 893 8164
Good Samaritan: 513 862 2775 Evendale: 513 454 2515
Evendale West: 513 591 6200  

Your questions and concerns are very important to us. Please speak up at any step along the way.

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