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Imaging, Radiology and Diagnostic Services

Pink Ribbon imaging centerBethesda Butler Hospital offers a full range of imaging services, including radiology and diagnostics, in one convenient location. Our on-site, board-certified radiologists use the highest level of diagnostic technology and collaborate with physicians to provide quick, accurate results.

Comprehensive Services

Our highly trained, board-certified radiologists use advanced technology to perform the following services:

  • CT
  • Dexa
  • 3D Mammography
  • MRI
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound/Echocardiography 

Cardiac Testing

  • Cardiac stress testing
  • Cardiac holter monitoring
  • EKG
  • Echocardiography
  • Stress echo testing

ACR Accredited Facility

We are accredited by the American College of Radiology for the following diagnostic imaging modalities: CT, MRI, mammography, and ultrasound. To achieve the ACR Gold Standard of Accreditation, our staff qualifications, equipment requirements, quality assurance, and quality control procedures have gone through a rigorous review process and have met specific qualifications.

CT scanMRIMammographyUltrasound

Frequently Asked Questions

CT Scan

I already drank contrast. Why do I also need intravenous (IV) contrast?
The oral contrast is for your intestinal system and the IV contrast is for your blood system.

How long does the CT scan take?  
CT scans are very quick. Most scans can be completed in a few minutes.

Dexa Scan

Why is my doctor ordering this test?
To see if you are at a high risk for osteoporosis.

Do I need to follow an exam prep before having this test?  
No, there is not a prep for this test.

Will I have to change clothes for this exam?  
We recommend that you wear attire that does not have any metal or zippers. This will keep you from having to change clothes for your exam.


Do I need a doctor’s order for my mammogram?  
An order is not needed for a yearly screening mammogram. If you are having a current problem please follow up with your physician to obtain an order.

How do I have my old records forwarded to Bethesda Butler Hospital Imaging?  
During your scheduled appointment we will have you sign a release form for your prior mammograms. Butler County Imaging will then send for your old studies.

Do I need an appointment for my mammogram?  
Yes, please call our scheduling department at 513 454 3020 to set up your appointment.


What do I have to do during the MRI scan?
You will be required to change out of your clothes and into Hospital provided clothing prior to entering the MRI. You will be given ear plugs and headphones to protect your hearing as the MRI scanner is very loud. Music will be provided if appropriate. During the MRI, you will need to be able to hold very still so the Technologist can obtain high quality images.

I have a total knee replacement. Can I still have a MRI scan done?
Yes, patients with joint replacements can have an MRI.

Will you be able to hear me while in the MRI scanner? How will you communicate with me?  
Yes, the MRI scanner has a two-way speaker system so the technologist can always hear you and give instructions. The Technologist will give you a squeeze ball; if you squeeze it, it will alert the Technologist that you need them.

Nuclear Medicine

Is nuclear medicine a new procedure?  
No, actually Nuclear Medicine procedures have been being performed since just after WWII.

How long will I be radioactive?  
For the typical procedures done at this facility, you will be considered radioactive for about 24 hours after your initial injection. However, there are some procedures where the radioactive isotope can remain in your system for up to seven days. It is always important to keep the procedure card that you receive from your technologist with you for several days. This will allow authorities to know that you have had a procedure and that is why you are radioactive.

Does Nuclear Medicine work the same as X-ray?  
X-rays are performed by passing an x-ray through the patient from the machine. In Nuclear Medicine the gamma rays actually come from the patient as a result of the injection received for the procedure. These gamma rays are then accumulated by the camera and an image is created.


Is there any radiation involved with my ultrasound exam?  
No, ultrasound examinations use high frequency sound waves to create images

Who will interpret my exam?  
The ultrasound images will be reviewed by a radiologist and a report will be sent to the ordering physician. The ordering physician is responsible for informing patients of exam results.

Do I need an appointment for my exam?  
Yes, please call our scheduling department at 513 454 3020 to set up your appointment.

Is there prep for my ultrasound examination?  
Several ultrasound examinations do require prep. The table below gives usual prep for common exams, however please inquire about your specific test when you schedule your appointment.


 Exam  Prep
Abdomen, Aorta, Gallbladder, Liver, Renal Artery Nothing to eat or drink 8 hours prior to exam (Exam is scheduled for AM)
Pelvic Full bladder needed. Drink 32oz of water, finish 1 hour prior to exam and do not empty bladder
Renal/Kidney Partially full bladder needed. Drink 8oz of water prior to exam and do not empty bladder
Breast, Scrotal, Thyroid No Prep
Carotid, Venous No Prep
Echocardiogram No Prep


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