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TriHealth Weight Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight loss surgery is a major decision, and you will have questions. Here are several of the most common ones. As always, please check with your healthcare provider to determine their practices, guidelines and what they recommend for you. If your questions are not answered below, call (513) 862-4957 or email us.

What weight loss surgeries are offered at Good Samaritan Hospital?

The Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy are the two most common laparoscopic surgeries performed, as well as lap band removals and revisions. To learn more on these offered procedures please click on the links below. In our online seminar, our surgeons provide a detailed description of each procedure as well.

Is Bariatric Surgery Safe?

During your consultation visit your surgeon will review the potential risks and the health benefits that are associated with bariatric surgery specific to your medical history.

What are the Benefits of Having Bariatric Surgery?

Quality of Life Improved in 95% of patients who underwent bariatric surgery! Visit the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery site to learn more about how obesity surgery can help you reclaim your life.

See the diagram below to help you understand all the benefits Bariatric surgery can have on many health problems that might currently affect you.

co-morbidity reduction after bariatric surgery


Does Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

We accept most insurance plans and are a provider for Medicare patients. We encourage you to call your benefits department or insurance carrier to determine if bariatric surgery is a covered benefit before your consultation visit. If bariatric surgery is listed as an exclusion on your policy out of pocket payment arrangements can be made by contacting our financial counselor. You can reach the financial counselor at Good Samaritan Hospital at (513) 862-2695 to learn more.

At your consultation visit we will discuss your benefits and any additional criteria required for your surgery to receive prior authorization approval.

What to Expect Immediately Before and After Surgery?

Our facility utilizes an enhanced recovery program otherwise known as ERP. This national program that is tailored for our bariatric surgery patients ensures you have the best possible outcomes after surgery. Important components of these protocols occur before, during, and after your procedure. The enhanced recovery program increases your positive outcomes by allowing you to take part in your own recovery, increase your comfort, start drinking and eating sooner after surgery, and lowering your body’s reaction to stress from the surgery.

The expected hospital stay (including the day of surgery) can be one to two days.

Now That I Have Had Surgery What is Life Like?

Following bariatric surgery there are many important changes in your life that may affect body image, relationships, and life routines. Surgery is a tool toward your life commitment to healthy living. We will follow you very closely immediately after surgery and then annually to support and guide you through your weight loss journey. At each visit you will see a dietician and physician to review current eating patterns, lab work, and behaviors that can affect your new healthy lifestyle. Common causes of failure to lose weight or regain weight include lack of commitment with an exercise program and /or poor food choices such as grazing, snacking, or drinking high calorie or carbonated beverages. Our team will be here to support and guide you through your successes and times when you need encouragement.