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From deep water aerobics to functional fitness pool work outs, our aqua aerobics classes are an interesting exercise alternative. Members may attend any class of their choosing.

Aquatic Arthritis (Warm Water Pool)

This arthritis class incorporates full range of movement exercises in an up to 20-minute endurance class format designed to improve daily life activities.

Aquacise (Warm Water Pool)

This low impact water fitness class emphasizes toning, stretching and cardiovascular conditioning. Participants work at their own level of intensity using various forms of traveling and rebounding for exercise and cardiovascular fitness. Skill level: beginner, intermediate

Deep Water (Main Pool)

Our deep water class is a non-impact class taught in the deep part of the pool. This encompasses core and stability training. The focus is to increase endurance and mobility in the warm water using the water’s resistance. Some cardio work is done but limited due to the heat of the warm water pool. All participants are required to wear a belt in the deep water. Skill: beginner


Aquacise is a warm water class designed for people of all ages looking for a low impact workout.

This class focuses on maintaining a lower heart rate, while still having results through appropriate exercises for a specific age group. By exercising in the water, you have natural resistance, and decreased pressure on your joints.

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