Clinical Personal Training

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clinical personal training

This program, open to Pavilion members only, is designed for those who have:

  • Completed therapy
  • Had recent surgery
  • Or have chronic health concerns
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Our goal is to design a personalized exercise prescription to ensure a safe return to exercise after therapy; this includes having a safe, effective and enjoyable exercise program that you can do independently.

After your physician or therapist complete a consent form, you will meet with one of our certified athletic trainers for a free consultation. The certified athletic trainer will discuss your current condition and design an individualized exercise program with you, as well as demonstrate proper form and settings for the fitness equipment you will be using.

If you would like to continue your care with a certified athletic trainer you can purchase individual and personalized hourly sessions.

Contact our Certified Athletic Trainers: Karen Sims, 513 246 2622 or Tracy Littelmann, 513 246 2625 to schedule your consultation today. 

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