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Your doctor serves you.

His or her job is to explain your options and be your sounding board. He or she will guide you and offer advice, a shoulder and expertise. Under the doctors’ tab, please take a look at the physicians who have chosen to work with you.

Although her head was “spinning” immediately after her diagnosis, our patient Debbie Walters and her husband began searching for the best doctors in the area.

“Dr. Basil’s name kept coming up. Everyone said, ‘You need to go to him.’”And Dr. Basil, who had seen her medical records by the time she consulted with him and was aware of the need to act quickly, had already scheduled time in the operating room for her. “We felt very confident in choosing him,” says Debbie. “Andy and I had made our minds up that we weren’t going to waste time interviewing a lot of doctors. I wanted to get the cancer out of me. We asked him one question that reassured us—why should we choose him? He wasn’t cocky. He said, ‘What I am doing is following protocol, the same as what a doctor at a specialty hospital would do.’ He was not offended that we asked, and he answered the question very well.”

We are proud of the men and women who call The Cancer Institute their place of work. For our team, the treatment they provide is very much about who they are - it is their calling.

We are physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help you live better.