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McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital

Special Therapy Services

McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital's physical therapists seek to restore strength, mobility, balance, endurance and function following an injury, surgery, illness or disease. To achieve these goals we offer physical therapy services for which special training and certification are required. Education is also emphasized and every patient is instructed in techniques to control symptoms, as well as prevention techniques to reduce the chance of a future injury. A wide range of modalities are used, including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, therapeutic exercise and aquatic therapy.

With a complete staff of full-time physical therapists, McCullough-Hyde is an area leader in the treatment of acute and chronic ailments.

Aquatic therapy (available at our Oxford location)

A major component of our treatment plan is the use of our Hydroworx Pool, the only one of its type available to the public in the tri-state area. We get our patients back to full function much quicker. Water provides the therapeutic medium that moves the joints, decreases inflammation and helps improve strength. Treatment is very "body-friendly" particularly for hips, knees and shoulders.

Benefits include:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced muscle spasms and swelling
  • Relaxation
  • Pain management
  • Cross training programs

Manual therapy

Our capabilities are unique. We are specially trained for the mobilization and manipulation of soft tissue and bone structures to improve joint motion and mechanics and restore function.

Back/spine therapy

Our back/spine program provides a critical link between acute injury and return to activity or work. Treatment may include manual techniques, specialized equipment, exercise, and/or therapeutic modalities. In addition to patient education, emphasis is on the patient taking a proactive role in the overall treatment process.


We provide orthotic assessments and consultation. We represent many of the industry's leading product suppliers.

Hand therapy (available at our Oxford location)

Hand injuries and ailments can often be disabling and frustrating. McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital recognizes the need to provide specialized care for individuals who have sustained a traumatic or repetitive stress injury to the hand. Our treatment programs, under the direction of a certified hand therapist, are designed and directed to provide the highest level of care. We will evaluate muscle strength, range of motion, coordination, dexterity and more. When appropriate, we will provide splints and other orthotic devices.

Speech therapy (available at our Oxford location)

The ability to communicate is fundamental. We offer personalized and effective speech and language therapy services to individuals of all ages. Our goal is to enhance success in each patient's ability to communicate with others. Disorders for which our services extend include stroke, swallowing, cognitive and voice.

Contact Information

For more information, please call the physical therapy and rehabilitation department at (513) 664-3800.