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Tri-State Maternal-Fetal Medicine Associates

Nutrition During Pregnancy

  • Recommended weight gain during pregnancy:
    • 25-35 pounds for average-weight women
    • 15-25 pounds for overweight women
    • Less than 15 pounds for obese women
    • 28-40 pounds for underweight women
    • 40-50 pounds for twins
    • 50-60 pounds for triplets
  • Take your prenatal vitamins and DHA (omega 3 fatty acids) daily
  • The Food and Drug Administration has advised pregnant and lactating women not to eat swordfish, king mackerel, shark, and tile fish. Pregnant women may safely eat up to an average of 12 oz. of seafood and fish per week
  • Do not eat/drink unpasteurized milk or cheese
  • Thoroughly cook all meat (beef, chicken and pork)
  • Do not drink alcohol
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