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Our Team

Jocelyn Kinder, BS, MBA, CCRC

Manager – Clinical Training and Testing Center (CTTC)

Jocelyn received her Bachelor’s Degree (BS) in Biological Sciences with a Pre-Medicine focus from the Ohio State University in 2014. She received her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Healthcare Administration from Xavier University in 2017. Jocelyn began her career in healthcare as an Emergency Medical Technician-B for the State of Ohio for Critical Care Transport in Columbus and Patient Transport Services in Cincinnati for 3 years. She worked in the Research and Education Department for TriHealth in various roles for 5 years and is a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC) through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. She now leads the team responsible for Clinical and Academic Research and Quality Improvement studies, Minimally Invasive Training and the discovery/training on best practices and innovative solutions to improve patient care practices.

Morgan Borggren, BSN, RN

Simulation and Education Specialist
Clinical Training and Testing Center (CTTC)

Morgan began her career at TriHealth in 2008, while she pursued her dream of becoming a nurse. After graduating from Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Sciences, she transitioned into the nursing role and continued working at the bedside for several years. While also possessing a bachelor’s degree in education, Morgan decided to marry her love of nursing with education and transferred to TriHealth’s Clinical Training and Testing Center (CTTC), formerly known as TriHealth’s Center for Simulation and Education.

As a Simulation and Education Specialist for CTTC, Morgan is responsible for the training of our hospital team members and pre-hospital clinicians. She works closely with unit educators and leaders to coordinate, prepare, and deliver a variety of educational opportunities for TriHealth clinicians, including new hire orientation, collaborative learning experiences, GME resident simulations, and the Professional Nurse Residency Program. Morgan is also involved with outreach programs for the EMS community and assists the EMS coordinators with many of their training programs, including the Paramedic Refresher Program. Morgan is a member of multiple TriHealth groups and committees, is currently working towards achieving her MSN from Mount St. Joseph University by May 2021.

Rebecca Rice, BSN, RN

Academic Research Nurse
Clinical Testing and Training Center (CTTC)

In 2011, Rebecca began working at Trihealth as an Academic Research Nurse where she supports PI- initiated research and quality improvement initiatives by writing research grants for the Bethesda Foundation, assisting in the development and implementation of research and quality improvement protocols, and developing data collection for study metrics. She supports the success of each project from start to finish. These projects are focused on improving patient care, safety, and outcomes. In 2019, Rebecca graduated Summa Cum Laude with her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Morehead State University, where her project on decreasing hypertension in severely mentally ill patients received an Outstanding Capstone Award. From 2011 – 2019, she was a Nurse Supervisor in community behavioral health at Talbert House. In her nine years at Talbert House, Rebecca focused on improving behavioral health, physical health, medication compliance, and overall wellbeing of adults, youth, and forensic patients. She also collaborated on quality improvement initiatives, research, staff development and education programs, and served as the Board of Pharmacy liaison. She received a Customer Service Award at Talbert House in 2012. She worked as a charge nurse for one year in long-term care after graduating with her associate degree in nursing in 2009 from Gateway Community and Technical College. While working on her ADN, she was the Office Manager for the Covington Business Council for four years and served as their interim Executive Director for one year. Her role was focused on fundraising, networking, managing parking for the City of Covington, supervising office staff, and supporting the Executive Director and Board members.

Sarah Senne, BS

Academic Research Coordinator
Clinical Testing and Training Center (CTTC)

Prior to coming to TriHealth, Sarah was involved in a variety of research projects at the University of Cincinnati. Her involvement in research began in 2017, when she traveled to the Canadian Rockies for two subsequent summers to study the migration patterns and mating habits of the Rocky Mountain apollo butterfly. After two years of field work and wet lab research, she began to investigate the effectiveness of smartphone applications in reducing anxiety, which she presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual conference in 2019. While at University of Cincinnati, Sarah received the STEM Summer Fellowship, two Neuroscience Fellowships, and the Mary Rowe Book Award for her research. Sarah also interned at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the Gardner Neuroscience Institute, to better understand the patient experience. In 2020, she graduated with honors from the University of Cincinnati with her BS in Neuroscience. After graduation, she worked as a Community Health Worker, helping individuals experiencing homelessness get connected to mental health and social services.

Matt Singleton, RVT

Facility Administrator
Clinical Training and Testing Center (CTTC)

Matt began his career at TriHealth in 2007 as a Research Coordinator, for the Hatton Life Sciences Lab, while he pursued his bachelor’s degree with a focus in business management. After graduating from Wilmington College, he transitioned into the Facility Administrator role while staying on with Hatton Research within the Minimally Invasive Training center.

As the Facility Administrator, Matt is part of the Clinical Training and Testing Center; a team that is responsible for the training of our different hospital staff clinician groups and residents. Along with internal clinicians, he also works with outside sponsors to help them with research/development for medical device and their training needs. Matt enjoys being a part of a progressive training and testing center. He is also a member of the institution’s IACUC committee.

Randy Thomas, BA, RVT

Research Lab Education Coordinator
Clinical Training and Testing Center (CTTC)

Randy began his career at TriHealth in 2004 as a Research Coordinator, for the Hatton Life Sciences Lab, has held the position of Facility administrator and now works as the Research Lab Education Coordinator within the Minimally Invasive Training Center.

Randy obtained his Associates of Applied Sciences in Veterinary Technology from the University of Cincinnati in 2001 and while working at TriHealth, obtained his BA from Wilmington College in 2011.

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