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Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation Team

Patient-Centered Care You Can Trust

Our specially trained team of dedicated therapists designs an individualized plan of care tailored to your specific condition and personal needs. We strive to accelerate recovery and maximize independence so you can lead a satisfying life free from the pain and frustration of physical disability.

FOTO Recognition

Our department has received special recognition in the outpatient area for being in the top ten performers for FOTO (Functional Outpatient Therapy Outcome database) over the past five years.

Staffed by highly qualified, dedicated therapists, we:

  • Are the official healthcare provider of the Cincinnati Reds
  • Serve 13 high schools and three colleges/universities in greater Cincinnati
  • Have a rehabilitation nursing staff with 45 percent certified by the Rehabilitation Nursing Certification Board
We are also committed to community outreach through working with the following organizations and programs:
  • High school pre-participation physicals (a percentage of the fee goes back into that student’s school)
  • CPR and sports safety training and certification programs
  • The Spinal Cord Support Group