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Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Driver Evaluation Program

Medical Evaluation Program for Drivers with Disabilities

Have you suffered an injury or illness (new or old) that could threaten your ability to drive safely? With a physician’s order, Trihealth offers a program to evaluate the impact of those issues on your ability to drive safely. Skilled evaluation leading to physician approval to drive is appropriate for drivers of all ages who have medical conditions that may impair their ability to safely operate a vehicle.

According to AAA, clinical driving assessments are most appropriate if you have a broad spectrum of physical and cognitive disabilities, including dementia, stroke, arthritis, low vision, learning disabilities, limb amputations, neuromuscular disorders, spinal cord injuries, mental health problems, cardiovascular diseases and other causes of functional deficits.

It can provide peace of mind for drivers, their family, and their employers, and may provide liability protection. Clinical driving assessments can also offer ways to address impairments, so driving remains a safe option.

Evaluation of the Disabled Driver

For disabled drivers of all ages, TriHealth offers an evidence based objective evaluation of the skills necessary for driving. Disabled drivers may be tested both in-clinic and behind the wheel. You must complete the in-clinic test prior to participating in the behind-the-wheel evaluation.

  • You must hold a valid driver’s license or temporary permit to be tested behind the wheel.
  • You must have a physician’s prescription to participate in this test.

In-Clinic Test

A TriHealth licensed Occupational Therapist conducts the in-clinic portion of the test. The therapist evaluates the following areas:

  • Upper and lower extremity motor function
  • Functional visual abilities
  • Perception (processing what your eye sees)
  • Cognition (choosing how to respond to what the eye sees)
  • Brake reaction time

Behind-the-wheel Evaluation

Depending on the results of the in-clinic evaluation, a specially trained local driver school may perform behind-the-wheel testing. The test is conducted in a state- certified vehicle equipped with a passenger-side brake. Your maneuverability and driving skills will be evaluated on:

  • Residential roads
  • Two- and four-lane highways
  • Interstate highway (optional—at evaluator’s discretion)

Evaluation Results

A written report of the evaluator’s findings and recommendations is provided to the physician. This objective assessment will help guide the doctor’s decision about your ability to resume or continue driving.


Your insurance plan, including Medicare, may or may not pay for the in-clinic evaluation. TriHealth will bill your insurer but cannot guarantee that it will cover the cost. The behind-the-wheel test is not paid for byinsurance. You will pay the driving school directly.

For more information, call 513 862 2481.


To schedule an evaluation of the disabled driver, call 513 569 6777.

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