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Environmental Sustainability

TriHealth is committed to our core value of Stewardship, making the best use of our time, treasures and talents, through improving human health and well-being while reducing our negative impact on the natural environment. As a healthcare provider, we have a responsibility to look at the environmental impact of our operations on the community.

TriHealth is dedicated to evaluating environmentally responsible practices and engaging in efforts that will result in cost savings, increased employee satisfaction, and help manage risk and regulatory compliance. Sustainable practices improve facility operations and allow, as well as demonstrate, corporate responsibility and contribute to improved community and patient health.

Many initiatives have been implemented throughout the system, and we strive to continually improve. We are guided by the following principles:

  • Minimize our waste generation through source reduction, reuse, and recycling initiatives.
  • Create and promote education, communication, and community engagement strategies to teach and empower staff to engage in environmental stewardship.
  • Build partnerships and actively participate with local and expert organizations to share and receive knowledge on best sustainable practices and methods and advance environmental efforts.
  • Provide access to food that is healthy for our staff, patients, visitors, and the environment.
  • Review the human and environmental effect of our products to select safer, less toxic, and less wasteful products where feasible.
  • Improve the energy and water efficiency of our operations and promote environmentally sustainable and fiscally-responsible energy sources while ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations regarding emissions/releases into the air, water and earth.
  • Set organizational environmental goals, develop strategies to achieve those goals, periodically review and improve the quality of those goals, and measure our outcomes.

TriHealth is working to create more environmentally-friendly, sustainable practices to ensure a healthier future for our Greater Cincinnati community.


TriHealth collaborates and engages with the Greater Cincinnati Green Business Council, Green Umbrella, and the Ohio Hospital Association Environmental Leadership Council in order to fulfill its commitment to the environment.