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Fulfilling our Mission and Values

Our Mission

The mission of TriHealth is to improve the health status of the people we serve. We pursue our mission by providing a full range of health-related services, including prevention, wellness and education.

Our service identity is rooted in our Mission and Core Values, which serve as guiding principles in our healing ministry. Each team member, from our caregivers and service/support staff to our corporate and administrative staff, is committed to living these core values in every facet of his or her job.

Our Values

  • Respect for All People: treating all people with the same degree of compassion we would want for ourselves and our families.
  • Stewardship: choosing to serve the community rather than ourselves by making the best use of our time, treasures and talents. Stewardship includes our environmental commitment.
  • Service Excellence for all Customers: entrusting people to anticipate customer needs, continuously improving services and consistently exceeding the customer's expectations. Quality of our services is defined by the internal and external customer.
  • Response to Community Needs: making decisions to meet the diverse needs of the community while respecting various community cultures and our own values.
  • Respect for our Spiritual Heritage: emphasizing the organization's spiritual roots and behaving such that our values are evident in everything we do.
  • Valuing Differences: nurturing an environment that values diversity, recognizes differences, encourages personal growth and enhances the self-worth of each individual.

Our Values Action Word - S.E.R.V.E.

  • SERVE: Our Mission is to improve the health status of the people we Serve.
  • EXCEL:Excellence in quality, safety and service.
  • RESPECT: Respect for all people, differences and spiritual heritage.
  • VALUE: Value our time, treasures and talents through stewardship.
  • ENGAGE: Engage our people & community needs to improve health.

Our Vision

TriHealth’s vision is to be where people want to work, where physicians want to practice, and most importantly, where the community wants to go when they need the best quality, service, safety and value in health care.

As a mission-based organization, we will live out the values of our sponsors using good stewardship in all decisions and by making a difference in the communities we serve. We will specifically focus on:

  • Providing high quality care
  • Acting for the benefit of the community, especially for the disadvantaged
  • Cooperating with physicians and other providers to coordinate health services
  • Educating the next generation of health care providers

Bethesda North Vision

  • Will be the dominant tertiary care hospital in the Cincinnati suburbs with the feel of a community hospital and an expanding geographic service area
  • Will provide a broad range of high-quality clinical services while being distinguished from area competitors by its special focus on women's, seniors', heart and emergency services
  • Will offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art ambulatory services designed in a user friendly configuration, reinforced by a full, acute care hospital
  • Will be the hospital preferred by physicians because of its quality and efficient operations, increased presence in teaching programs and a strongly entrenched and growing base of primary care physicians
  • Will be recognized as a strong and caring community citizen with the markets it serves

Good Samaritan Vision

  • Will be the pre-eminent Catholic hospital in the community, recognized as the preferred center of high quality, acute care hospital services delivered within a more accessible and convenient environment
  • Will be distinguished as a nationally recognized leader for this region in specialized, tertiary services in women's health, heart services and vascular medicine
  • Will be recognized by the local medical community as being committed to excellence in medical education, while being open and inclusive to specialists and primary care physicians alike
  • Will be unmatched in its ability to handle complex ethical medical situations with care and compassion as a unique service to physicians and their patients
  • Will be seen as reaching out to West Side communities of patients and physicians by creating a greater presence and physical involvement

Bethesda Butler Vision

  • Will strive to surpass customer expectations and satisfaction performance standards of our competitors and commit to continually improve the quality and efficiency of our processes, services and clinical outcomes
  • Will be a prominent community member known for meeting the healthcare needs of the entire community through incomparable patient care, wellness programs and providing cost-conscious medicine
  • Will continue to be a leader in patient satisfaction through serving the community with service excellence, high quality and quality compassionate care
  • Will be the hospital preferred by physicians because of our quality and efficient operations
  • Will continue to provide comprehensive care to a diverse population of all ages through a wide range of emergency, inpatient and outpatient services with growth to continually meet the needs of the community

McCullough-Hyde Memorial Vision

McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital will be the premier health care provider, by:

  • Delivering personalized, compassionate care to our patients.
  • Providing accessible high-quality, clinical care based on best demonstrated practices.
  • Empowering our patients to be active participants in their healthcare decision-making.
  • Committing to continuous performance improvement while lowering the cost of healthcare.
  • Strengthening partnerships with physicians.
  • Empowering our healthcare team by providing the resources needed to fulfill our mission.
  • Developing strategic relationships with local organizations to identify priority healthcare needs and leading initiatives to address those needs.

When You Need Us

Whatever your age, location or health concern, TriHealth is here for you. Our approximately 10,000 team members, 2,000 physicians and 1,600 volunteers are dedicated to delivering personalized, compassionate care to you and your family.


Contact Rev. Frank Nation, Vice President of Mission and Culture:
Rev. Frank Nation