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The TriHealth Advantage: Getting Healthcare Right

Good health is more than an absence of symptoms. It’s living your best life — the way you envision it. It empowers you to achieve what’s meaningful to you. The best way to achieve good health is to be proactive, and TriHealth is here to help you do that.

We believe delivering exceptional health care isn’t just treating you when you’re sick. We’re here for you when you’re well to help you feel your best. We do this by nurturing a strong relationship between you and your doctor — someone who cares for you and about you. It’s a connection with someone who listens and truly understands your preferences and needs. We strive to enhance your physical health and heal your human spirit. 

At TriHealth, we see you and treat you as a person. We hear your concerns and recommend the best plan to support your health and well-being. You get personalized guidance, education and resources that make it easier to stay healthy. We’re here to empower you to feel your best.

Our Commitment to Your Health and Well-being

We stay on top of your health needs by guiding you through care, including:

  • Ensuring you’re getting age-, gender- and health-appropriate screenings to keep you healthy
  • Keeping you up to date on immunizations, such as flu vaccines
  • Educating you about ongoing conditions, such as arthritis or high blood pressure, to let you manage your health confidently
  • Understanding any challenges that prevent you from taking care of yourself and connecting you with resources to help
  • Anticipating changes in health needs and helping you prepare for them
  • Providing well-connected care among providers, making it easier to access the services you need

By keeping you healthy, it’s less likely you’ll need to visit the emergency room or see a specialist. That not only lowers your health care costs, but it enhances your well-being at every life stage. We’re able to deliver more efficient, higher quality care that enhances your health care experience.

Everyone Deserves Great Care

We’re committed to breaking down barriers that stand between you and achieving your best health. We do this through our well-connected, supportive care team that’s focused on keeping you well. Your doctor works closely with specialists, nurses, social workers, dietitians, therapists and support staff to ensure you can access care that lets you achieve the best outcome possible. 

Whether you need assistance getting to and from your appointments, education on a chronic condition, or help with legal or financial problems, we help you overcome challenges that prevent you from feeling your best. 

Our commitment extends to supporting health in underserved communities. We work with various Cincinnati organizations to:

Learn more about how The TriHealth Advantage is helping to change health care delivery in our community on the Getting Health Care Right podcast.

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