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TriHealth team members have access to online resources relating to their employment. They include:

TriHealth Bridge

TriHealth Bridge is the TriHealth team member intranet. This website serves as a team members primary resource for system news and information. TriHealth Bridge is available anywhere a team member has an internet connection. When accessing TriHealth Bridge content other than Our Stories and Our Events from outside of the TriHealth network, team members do have to manually log in.


HRCentral is TriHealth's online resource for Human Resources information. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it includes information about benefits, education, wellness, workplace policies and much more. Team members can log into HRCentral from anywhere.

HR Service Center

HR Service Center is a TriHealth resource where team members can receive answers to general human resources questions. It includes information about benefits, workplace policies and much more. Available Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Fridays 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call 513 569 5950 or email


Team members with a TriHealth email address can log into their email account from anywhere, using their email login credentials.

Self-Service Password Reset

Reset your TriHealth network and Cloudmail passwords.  

IS Service Center Customer Portal

Team Members can access the IS Service Center Customer Portal to submit support tickets from anywhere.

TriHealth Learn

TriHealth Learn (formerly LEARN) is TriHealth’s learning management system, which provides access to online educational programs, videos, and resources. The system also allows you to register for instructor-led classes, and it tracks your education completions. Login credentials are required to enter TriHealth's Learning Effectiveness and Resource Network. TriHealth Learn is a separate website from

TriHealth EAP (Formerly CONCERN Services)

Through TriHealth EAP, we offer professional support and counseling for both team members and their family members, giving them the resources they need to handle life's challenges. Learn more.

Bright Ideas

TriHealth team members can submit an idea to Bright Ideas that will help patients, their families, or colleagues to improve their experiences, simplify processes, improve efficiencies, or make TriHealth a better place to work. Questions? Email or call the Innovation Center at 513 569 6980. (Please note: This number does not connect to TriHealth Human Resources.)

Appreciation Station

TriHealth team members can send peer-to-peer recognition using the Appreciation Station program and eCard system.

McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital Team Member Resources

McCullough-Hyde team members can log into HealthStream or InfoNet using their email login credentials:

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