Nerve Injuries

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Lacerations of digital nerves in fingers may be overlooked in busy emergency rooms. Once the local anesthesia used to numb the finger for sutures wears off, patients may notice numbness on one or both sides of the finger. If this occurs, he/she should seek the care of a hand surgery specialist to determine if surgical repair is required. Most nerve injuries should be repaired within 10-12 days and would be performed using a microscope because the nerves are extremely small.

Injuries to nerves in the arm, forearm, and wrist areas generally cause loss of muscle function as well as numbness. If associated with major blood vessel injury, they require emergency care. Repair to such injuries of nerves requires the use of an operating microscope, special tiny instruments and additional training on the part of a surgeon. All of the physicians at Hand Surgery Specialists are trained and well practiced at the art of microvascular surgery.

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