McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital

Lactation Support

Many women find it helpful to seek assistance as they learn and practice the art and skill of breastfeeding.

At McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, we are available to support you for a successful experience. We are available to assist before you deliver your baby; when you are a patient; and after discharge from the hospital. Our physicians, midwife and nursing staff support breastfeeding. Breastfeeding experts are available to assist when necessary. We have both certified lactation consultants and counselors on staff to provide support and assistance.

In-hospital support

Our physicians, midwife and nursing staff are educated in breastfeeding skills and provide support and assistance throughout your stay. In addition, certified lactation consultants and counselors are available to provide specialized assistance and support.

Home support

After you go home, we support you with follow-up phone calls. Telephone counseling is available seven days a week. Call our Breastfeeding Warm Line with your questions or concerns, and within 24 hours a consultant or counselor will return your call. The phone number is (513) 524-5688. You may also call the obstetrics department with immediate concerns at (513) 524-5477.

Outpatient support

If you need a private consultation, our consultants are also available. You may consider private consultation for a prenatal breast assessment, infant attachment, positioning techniques, or assessment of breast milk quantity.

After delivery, we welcome breastfeeding moms to call our Breastfeeding Warm Line at (513) 524-5688 or (513) 524-5477 for any questions or concerns.

Rental and retail station

Our rental and retail station is located in McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital's obstetrics department. Some of the items are on display at the Women's Health Center.

Product list:

  • Breast pumps for rent.
  • Breast pumps for purchase include:
    • Medela's Pump In Style.
    • Medela Swing Pump.
    • Medela Harmony Manual Pump.
  • Breast milk storage bags.
  • Supplemental nursing system.