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The Critical Obstetric & Neonatal Care Emergency Procedure Training (CONCEPT™), is a three stage, procedural training program for Health Care Providers (HCPs—OBs, Anesthesia, Nurses). By training participants on these procedures, we can improve patient outcomes by providing necessary education and tools for the providers to be properly trained before being involved in an emergent situation with mother or baby.

Why Develop This Training Initiative?

  • Local and national rates of major maternal morbidity and mortality are increasing despite advances of modern medicine, and health systems are more-frequently challenged by situations of critical illness among pregnant women than ever before.
  • Most systems’ structured response to critical illness among inpatients includes rapid response teams, code teams, and critical care teams that often share relative discomfort in dealing with the critical care needs of pregnant women.

What is Taught in Each Module?

  • The HCPs will experience 5 different mandatory levels of education, including online e-learn modules, the use of the Simulation Center at Bethesda North Hospital to orient the providers to the procedures, a day of cadaver training for procedure based and team training, and one day of procedural and team training on the live tissue.
  • Coupling these modules with didactic presentations and small class sizes, CONCEPT™ provides HCPs with an opportunity to effectively increase their confidence, knowledge, and technical aptitude.
  • We tackle the challenge of familiarizing your team with equipment, procedural steps, associated risks, and providing an efficient, hands-on-training.
  • The following procedures are reviewed and taught:
    • Central and arterial line placement
    • Intraosseous Access
    • Hypertensive crisis protocol
    • Ventricular Fibrillation protocol
    • Management of Bradyarrhythmias
    • Hypovolemic shock protocol

Is the Course Effective?

In this course we do administer pre- and post-curriculum tests to evaluate the efficacy of our program and address any areas of concern.

Interested in Learning More or Participating?

If interested in participating, please feel to contact us directly.