Class 1: What is Diabetes?

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what is diabetesPart 1: Taught by a registered nurse (RN).

Topics covered include:

  • Pathophysiology of diabetes
  • BG testing
    • Timing
    • Keeping records
    • Target ranges
  • Hypoglycemia - S/S and TX (brief)
  • Graph blood glucose logs
  • Introduction to exercise

Part 2: Taught by a registered dietitian (RD).

Topics covered include:

  • Distribute individual meal plans
  • Carbohydrate (CHO) counting - efects of CHO
  • Protein and fat on glucose
  • Sources of CHO, protein and fat
  • Plate method option
  • Label reading

Part 3: Taught by both the RN and RD

Topics covered include:
  • Long term goal setting
  • Short term goal until next class


  • Food diary sheet
  • Bring in interesting food label

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