Diabetes and Stress

There are many ways to cope with stressful situations in your life, such as being diagnosed with Diabetes. Here are a few of the things to do in order to cope in a healthy way:

Tip #1: Accept the diagnosis

Accepting the diagnosis is an emotional adjustment which involves acknowledging important feelings of denial, anger, guilt, or fear about your future health. Acknowledging these emotions by talking to others can be a helpful step in taking control of your diabetes.

Tip #2: Build a solid network of support

It is essential to build a network of support by first telling your friends and family about the diagnosis. Then turn to your physician, diabetes education, and treatment team to help you adjust to lifestyle changes, such as medication management, eating a balanced diet, and getting regular exercise.

Tip #3: Stay motivated to continue taking care of yourself

Diabetes can be an especially emotional and overwhelming diagnosis because it is a chronic condition. Motivation to keep taking care of yourself can come through diabetes support groups, reaching out to friends and family, and being educated about your diabetes.
When you understand your own diabetes, you can better manage lifestyle changes and learn to cope with the emotional adjustment to diabetes.

In a medical emergency, call 911.