Diabetes Medical Assistance Programs

Diabetes Assistance Programs

United Way 211 Database- American Diabetes Association: National Call Center 1-800-342-2383

Medication Assistance

  1. Eli Lilly: 1-800-545-6962 http://www.lillycares.com/
  2. Sanofi Aventis: 1-800-981-2491
    http://www.sanofipatientconnection.com/patient-assistance-connection ($99 max out of pocket cost for insulin)
  3. Novo Nordisk: 1-866-310-7549 https://www.novocare.com/psp/PAP.html ($99 max out of pocket cost for insulin)
  4. AstraZeneca and Me: 1-800-292-6363 http://www.azandmeapp.com/
  5. Wal-Mart: Low cost diabetes medications and supplies under Relion Brand
    NPH, Regular, 70/30 insulin $25/vial
    Meters, lancets, strips, syringes, glucose tabs
  6. Kroger: FREE metformin with $36 annual fee, many other presciptions for less than $6 https://www.krogersc.com/static/files/KrogerRx-Program-Drugs.pdf
  7. Partnership for Prescription Assistance: Apply for hundreds of private and public assistance programs at once. Designed to assist anyone who doesn't have prescription drug coverage. For information or to see if you qualify, visit www.pparx.org or call toll-free 1-888-4PPA-NOW.
  8. RxASSIST: Hosts a large database. Identify potential assistance programs by searching for your insulin and medication name. For more information, visit www.rxassist.org
  9. RxHope: Aims to help people get their medicines at little to no cost. Is a database of assistance programs. For more information, visit www.rxhope.com
  10. BenefitsCheckUp: Helps Americans over age 55 find prescription programs. Also will help find assistance for housing, home health care and legal aid services. Complete questionnaire at www.benefitscheckup.org

Assistance with Supplies

Needy Meds- CR3 (Charles Ray the Third): 1-800-503-6897
Help with costs of meters/pumps
Eligibility Criteria: Uninsured or under insured, Have a diabetes diagnosis, Household income less than $60,000

Advanced Diabetes Supplies: 1-866-422-4866 https://www.northcoastmed.com/
Cost of meter, test strips and lancets may be covered.