Smart Phone Apps for Diabetes Management

Free Smart Phone Apps for Diabetes Management:

Diabetes Apps

Bant – log blood sugar readings and provide trend data for up to 90 days (iPhone)

Blood Sugar Tracker – log blood sugar levels, set target blood sugar ranges, and view history and simple graphs to identify numbers that are out of range (iPhone)

Carb Master Free – Track carbohydrate intake plus calories, fat, sugar, protein and fiber for the day (iPhone)

Diabetes Buddy Lite – Track factors that influence blood sugar levels such as daily carb intake, glucose measures, medication, and food and water intake (iPhone)

Diabetes Companion – Complete nutrition facts for common foods, tons of recipes, videos, Q&A for common diabetes related issues and blood sugar tracking tools (iPhone)

Diabetes Log – Track sugar readings, carbohydrate intake and insulin dosage by date (iPhone)

Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracer – Track blood sugar medication, A1C, and carb intake, log weight, blood pressure (iPhone and Android)

My Sugr – Log sugars, carbohydrates, and medications. Features statistics and graphs including estimated hemoglobin A1C that updates as sugars are recorded

Free general nutrition information/ healthy living apps

CalorieKing – Calorie, fat and carb counts for 70,000+ foods with an up-to-date list that includes 260 fast-food chains and restaurants (iPhone and Android)

GoMeals – Large list of restaurant foods and grocery store items; has customized settings for counting daily calories, carbs, fats and other nutrients (iPhone and Android)

MyFitnessPal – Allows user to set a daily calorie goal and record daily food intake and exercise. Has a very large food database. Calculates calories burned by exercise (iPhone and Android)

Lose It! – Can be used as a weight-loss tool; helps with keeping track of food intake and exercise (iPhone and Android)

ShopWell – Can help you build a healthy grocery list, create a profile with health, nutrition and weight goals, as well as scan item barcodes of more than 60,000 foods (iPhone and Android)

Cook‘n – Allows you to create, edit and view recipes. Helps organize, search and email your favorite recipes and allows you to make a cookbook and do grocery list and menus (iPhone and Android)

Baritastic – Work toward goals by setting reminders and timers to take vitamins and track water intake. Keep a photo time line to stay motivated. (iPhone and Google Play)

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