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Free Smart Phone Apps for Diabetes Management:

Diabetes Apps
  • Bant- log blood sugar readings and provide trend data for up to 90 days (iPhone)
  • Blood Sugar Tracker- log blood sugar levels, set target blood sugar ranges, and view history and simple graphs to identify numbers that are out of range (iPhone)
  • Diabetes Companion- complete nutrition facts for common foods, tons of recipes, videos, Q&A for common diabetes related issues and blood sugar tracking tools (iPhone)
  • Diabetes Log- track sugar readings, carbohydrate intake, insulin dosage by date (iPhone)
  • GluCoMo- track blood sugar levels, insulin intake and other health areas like blood pressure, weight, activity and heart rate (iPhone)
  • Glucose Buddy- enter blood sugar numbers, carbohydrate intake, insulin dosage, and activities (iPhone and Android)
  • Vree for Diabetes- blood sugar tracking, nutrition tracking, activity tracking, medication tracking, progress charts and blood pressure tracking (iPhone)
  • WaveSense Diabetes Manager- Tracks blood sugar results, carb intake, and insulin doses. Features include a logbook, trend chart, email reports, color-coded results, video content, and customizable target ranges for high/low blood sugar limits and mealtime schedules. (iPhone)
  • Carb Master Free- tracks carbohydrate intake plus calories, fat, sugar, protein, and fiber for the day (iPhone)
  • Diabetes Buddy Lite- tracks factors that influence blood sugar levels: daily carb intake, glucose measures, medication, food, and water intake (iPhone)

Free General Nutrition Information/Healthy Living Apps

  • CalorieKing –Calorie, fat and carb counts for 70,000+ foods with an up-to-date list that includes 260 fast food chains and restaurants.
  • GoMeals - large list of restaurant foods and grocery store items; has customized settings for counting daily calories, carbs, fats and other nutrients.
  • MyFitnessPal - Allows user to set a daily calorie goal and record daily food intake and exercise. Has a very large food database. Calculates Calories burned by exercise.
  • Lose It – Can be used as a weight loss tool; helps with keeping track of food intake and exercise.
  • ShopWell - Can help you build a healthy grocery list, create a profile with health, nutrition, and weight goals, as well as scan item barcodes of over 60,000 foods.
  • Cook ‘n - Allows you to create, edit, and view recipes. Helps organize, search, and e-mail your favorite recipes and allows the user to make a cookbook, do grocery lists, and menus.

Additional Nutrition and Fitness Apps (with charge)

  • MyNetDiary pro ($3.99)- scans food barcodes & records nutrition fact totals (iPhone)
  • Islet ($2.99) - allows the user to email blood sugar results, etc. to their doctor
  • LiveStrong ($2.99)- Calorie Tracker application goes along with MyPlate online. MyPlate at LiveStrong helps with daily calorie targets based on weight and weight goal. You can search the database of more than 1.3 million foods for nutritional information including fat, sugar, carbohydrates, cholesterol and more. You can also calculate how many calories you can burn with activity. (iPhone & Android)
  • iSteps Pedometer ($1.99)- a fun way to help promote exercise. This pedometer uses the iPod touch or iPhone to track steps. It also calculates distance, average speed, and calories burned.
  • Track3 ($5.99)- a diabetes planner and carb counter that logs and charts blood sugar levels, exercise, medications and weights. (iPhone & Android) 

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