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Outpatient Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education

To make an appointment with a diabetes educator and dietitian, call:

  • Bethesda North Hospital
    513 865 1126
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
    513 865 1126
  • McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital
    513 524 5555

Your insurance company may cover the cost of your visits or you can make self-payment arrangements. Currently, Medicare allows 10 hours of education the first year after you are diagnosed and then pays for two hours each year after for an update of current information.

1.) Diabetes Self-Management Education/Training Program

A series of classes will be scheduled. During the first class the educator performs an initial review to develop a teaching plan designed specific to the patient’s needs. The patient may also receive education on blood sugar testing and basic diet guidelines.

Throughout the next classes, the program educators work with the patient, family and doctor so the patient can manage diabetic symptoms and lead a healthy, normal life. During the classes patients will learn a variety of self-care skills, including:

  • Self-monitoring of blood sugar
  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Medications
  • Behavior change to lower risk for diabetes-related problems

2.) Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for diabetes:

Nutrition therapy with a registered dietitian (RD) for a meal plan designed for you. Medicare allows for 3 hours in the 1st year and 2 hours each year after.

3.) Annual Review Classes (follow up training):

After you complete the Diabetes Self-Management Education/Training Program, patients may meet with an RN and RD every year for a 2 hour Review Class. Topics include healthy eating, blood sugar testing, medications, exercise, lifestyle changes, and problems related to diabetes.

4.) Pre-Diabetes Classes:

Pre-diabetes classes are offered for a $20 fee (cash only). No insurance claim is filed and no provider order is needed (Good Samaritan Hospital and Bethesda North Hospital only).

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