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Outpatient Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education

Bethesda North Hospital
10496 Montgomery Road
Suite 206
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Fax: 513 569 6617
Contact: 513 865 1126

Good Samaritan Hospital
375 Dixmyth Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220
Fax: 513 569 6617
Contact: 513 865 1126

McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital
110 North Poplar Street Oxford, OH 45056
Fax: 513 524 5409
Scheduling: 513 524 5555
Contact: 513 524 5692
or 513 524 569

Talk with your primary care doctor to enroll in any of the classes below.

One-on-One Diabetes Education Session

These sessions are ideal for:

  • Patients living with Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes
  • Patients who would not learn well in a group environment or prefer/need individualized training or instruction
  • Patients who have attended the group classes, and now want more individualized follow-up
  • May include one or both of the following separate sessions:

    • Comprehensive Diabetes Self-Management Training/Education (1:1 with RN, CDE)
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy (1:1 with RD, CDE)

    Your insurance company may cover the cost of your visits- this varies so it is highly recommended you confirm what your plan covers. You can also make self-payment arrangements if needed. Currently, Medicare allows 10 hours of education the first year after you are diagnosed and then pays for two hours each year after for an update of current information.

    Must be referred by doctor to attend class.

    Free Group Diabetes Education Sessions

    These classes are ideal for:

    • Patients living with prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes
    • Patients who learn well in a group environment
    • Patients who do not have insurance coverage for 1:1 education referrals
    • Patients who can arrange to attend the 2.5 hour class
    • Please bring your glucose meter and testing supplies, if available.

    Registration is required, so please call 513 569 6200 or register online at

    If leaving a message, please give location you plan to attend.

    Please Note: no cost to patients to attend, but registration is required.

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