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TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion

Cardio & Strength

TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion members have access to a wide variety of strength and aerobics classes, ranging from boot camp workouts to spinning classes and Zumba. Around 100 exercise classes are offered each week across to fit varying schedules. Group fitness classes are included with membership.


Watch fitness instructor Jen Horenziak lead a class through the Spin Challenge! 

Group Fitness Class Descriptions   

Group Class Descriptions and Levels

Level 1 Beginner

Level 2 Intermediate

Level 3 Advanced

Be Balanced (1) Train the muscles you need to
improve your balance and increase core strength.

Bender Barre (2,3) Uses the barre and a variety of
equipment in a body-sculpting circuit.

Boot Camp (2,3) Total body workout improves
strength and cardiovascular fitness using intervals

Cardiac Rehab Transition (1) For those
transitioning out of cardiac rehab that are looking
for guidance and progression on the fitness floor
with the assistance of a trained Fitness Coach.

Cardio & Weights (2,3) A little cardio mixed with
weights to challenge all fitness parameters.

Dance Fit (1,2) Aerobic dance class modified for
lower mobility participants.

H.I.I.T. (2,3) High Intensity Interval Training focusing
on functional compound movements forfull body

Power Pump (2,3) Uses hand weights and body
bars to tone and strengthen major muscle groups

Spinning (2,3) Indoor cycling class combining
cardiovascular, endurance and strength training for
an ultimate calorie burning session.

Strength & Stability (2,3)
Use hand weights and
dynamic movements to increase strength and improve
balance. Challenges all major muscle groups.

Tabata (2,3) High intensity interval workout.
Exercises change every four minutes.

Total Body (2,3) Intense muscular endurance
exercises utilizing a variety of equipment.

TRX (all levels) Cardio and resistance workout using
suspended strap, all the while engaging your core.

Zumba (2,3) Low and high intensity dance fitness
choreographed to Latin-inspired music.

MIND BODY: Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga

*Basic Pilates Reformer (all levels) A Pilates Reformer
workout for beginner students and for people with
health/mobility concerns. *Prior introductory sessions

*Pilates Reformer (2,3) Exercises on the reformer
machine promote length, strength. flexibility and
balance. *Prior introductory sessions required

*Reformer Trapeze (all levels) Reformer using tower
and trapeze. *Prior introductory sessions required

NEW! Table Mat Pilates (1) For those who may struggle
to get on the floor, this class utilizes a raised table in place
of the mat while performing modified Pilates exercises.

Tai Chi (all levels) Easy to learn basic moves toimprove
balance and reduce the risk of falling.

Cardio YoPi (2,3) Yoga and Pilates combined withlight
cardio improves flexibility, core strength, & increases
cardiovascular endurance.

Chair Yoga (all levels) Gentle yoga done mostly from
a seated position. Benefits include improved
musculoskeletal fitness, flexibility & sense of wellbeing.

Easy Yoga & Meditation (all levels) Gentle yoga for
strength and range of motion. Rejuvenating meditation
at the end of class.

Gentle Hatha (all levels) Slow and relaxed movements.

Hatha (2,3) Yoga postures and breathing. Poses flow
from standing to seated and combine breath work to
enhance the mind-body connection.

Hatha/Yin (all levels) Poses are held longer to benefit
tight muscles and target deep connective tissue.

Survivor Yoga (1,2) A gentle, mixed level yoga
designed for those currently undergoing cancer
treatment and survivors. Body and soul healing for
every stage.

Yoga Flow Stretch (1,2) Gentle yoga poses combined
with stretching.

Yogalates (all levels) A complete and comprehensive
fusion of Yoga and Pilates. A mat-based class designed to
increase flexibility, strength, and control of core muscles
while also creating a sense of inner calm, and overall wellbeing.

All classes are subject to change
*Fee Based: Pilates Reformer/Trapeze
Group Fitness Department (513) 246-2645
Pavilion Front Desk (513) 985-0900


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