Women's Services

Through all stages of life, from adolescent gynecology through pregnancy, menopause and beyond, TriHealth offers an outstanding breadth of comprehensive women's health care for you, including:

Comprehensive Maternity Services

We understand that each mother’s pregnancy is unique. We personalize your maternity care from the moment you choose us until well beyond the time you head home with your baby. We're one of the largest providers of obstetrical services in the state, and our hospitals welcome more than 10,000 babies each year. Learn more

Advanced Breast Care in Your Area

At TriHealth, we strive to not only offer the most advanced breast care services and treatment options, but more importantly, make them accessible for everyone.

From our Nationally Accredited Breast Center of Excellence at  Bethesda North Outpatient Imaging to our  Women’s Services Van that provides on-site mammography at community and business locations around the region, we give more women in the Greater Cincinnati area an opportunity to put their health first. Learn more.

Empowering Women of All Ages 

We do more than provide health care services; we partner with and encourage you to achieve a life filled with overall good health and wellness. We advocate on your behalf so you can confidently take control of your health, and lead the long, fulfilling life you deserve.

Through TriHealth Nurse Midwives, women can receive a comprehensive range of specialty women’s health care services, including obstetrics, gynecology and maternity, as well as general health education and support. Our newest program, Healthy Women, Healthy Lives, addresses the unique health needs and concerns of women, like breast cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, by making screenings and education more available to all women in Greater Cincinnati and the surrounding communities.


We are physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help you live better.