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Chin Implants

Implants increase the chin projection, it enhances the appearance of a receding chin

  • General statement: Chin implantsare permanent prosthetic devices surgically placed to add volume to thedeficient chin. Adding volume helps balance out the facial proportions. Chinaugmentation can also be performed without an implant by advancing the bonethat is already there.
  • Why? A receding chin can create adisproportionate look to the facial appearance. In particular chin augmentationcan help balance out the nose and neck areas.
  • Are you a candidate? Patients arecandidates for chin augmentation if they have a receding or disproportionallylooking chin. During a consultation, the physician will also evaluate for anover or under-bite that may require orthagnathic surgery.
  • The procedure and recovery: Chinimplants or augmentation are placed through an incision under the chin orinside the mouth. Recovery generally takes 1-2 weeks. In some cases, patientsmay be candidates for augmentation using their own fat in a procedure calledfat grafting.
  • The results: Results areimmediate, but you may experience swelling for several weeks following the operation.Due to swelling the final results will not be fully realized until a few monthsfollowing the procedure.
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