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Scar Revision and Removal

Scar Revision

Surgical and non-surgical techniques used to remove or reduce the appearance of scarring.

  • General statement: Scars are not created equal. Each patient scars differently, and each scar for an individual patient can be different as well. Either through the use of lasers or surgery a scar can be removed and revised.
  • Why? If you have had a surgery or developed a scar that is bothersome then a scar revision may be helpful. There are different therapeutic options to address each individual scar.
  • Are you a candidate? Do you have an unsightly or unwanted scar? You may be a candidate for intervention but will first need to schedule a consultation at the Trihealth Cosmetic Surgery and Rejuvenation Center.
  • The procedure and recovery: If surgery is chosen, your scar will be removed and the plastic surgeons will use techniques to close the incision with precision to avoid redeveloping an unsightly scar.
  • The results: Incisions take 8 month to a year to mature. You will experience redness before the scar fades to its final result. You can expect to see improvement throughout the healing process.
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