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Inverted Nipple Corrective Surgery

Inverted Nipple

A surgical technique used to correct the projection of the nipple by releasing tension of the tight bands of breast tissue.

  • General statement: An inverted nipple is due to tight bands that contract the nipple into the breast. It is always important to make sure an inverted nipple is not a result of breast cancer. Once this has been ruled out a repair of an inverted nipple can be considered.
  • Why? Due to the inherent structures of the breast, tight bands and can pull on the nipple causing an inverted appearance. Release of these bands can help improve the appearance of the nipple.
  • Are you a candidate? If you have developed an inverted nipple that is not due to breast cancer you are a candidate for nipple inversion repair
  • The procedure and recovery: Small incisions are made around the nipple and the tight bands are released. The nipple is then resuspended and allowed to heal. A surgical bras will be placed.
  • The results: The expected result is to fully repair the inverted nipple.
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