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Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting

A technique used to remove fat from unwanted areas and transfer it to parts of your body that need enhancement (ex. Transfer from outer thighs or abdomen to areas of buttock, hands or breasts).

  • General statement: This technique borrows fat from one area of the body and transfers it to another part of the body to create an augmented look.
  • Why? Patients often desire fuller hips or buttocks. A technique to achieve this look is to borrow fat, process it and reinject the fat to create that curvy appearance. Fat grafting can also be used to help smooth out areas of divots from prior surgeries or liposuction.
  • Are you a candidate? If you have an area of your body that could be filled in with fat, or you desire to accentuate certain curves on your body then you may be a candidate for this surgery.
  • The procedure and recovery: Fat is taken from areas with extra tissue to donate. You can expect some pain and bruising from the fat graft harvest site. The fat is then processed and strategically placed into the areas you would like to fill in or augment. You can return to daily activities several days after the surgery.  Depending on where the fat is injected you may have specific instructions regarding sitting and sleeping. These, of course, will be discussed in detail prior to the surgery.
  • The results: The results allow for a natural way to fill in or augment certain areas of the body. The process is not perfect however, and some of the fat can resorb over time. The surgeon will precisely place the fat to create the look you are looking for.

Facial Fat Grafting

A technique utilizing your own fat cells to create balance, volume and contouring that provides improvement in the appearance of the aging face. This technique is sometimes used in conjunction with face lifts. .

  • General statement: As you age fat is lost in the face, and this loss of volume leads to signs of aging such as sunken eyes or hallow cheeks. Through the procedure of fat grafting, fat is taken from one part of your body, processed and injected to particular areas of fat loss. This provides you with a rejuvenated and refreshed look providing fuller smoother contours to the face.
  • Why? As opposed to fillers, fat is taken from your own body and reinjected into sites lacking volume. This a more permanent method to restore the youthful volume that has been lost during the aging process.
  • Are you a candidate? Patients are candidates for this operation if they have signs of volume loss and are interested in a more permanent solution. Areas that appear sunken or hallow such as the cheeks are ideal places for fat grafting.
  • The procedure and recovery: Fat is harvested by liposuction techniques from various donor sites in the body. It is then processed by several different means and placed into syringes. The fat is then injected into different layers of the skin to replace lost volume. You will experience some pain and bruising from the harvest site. There is usually minimal pain and downtime otherwise.
  • The results: The results depend on how much of the grafted fat develops a blood supply and survives. Once the fat integrates it will become part of your skin and underlying tissue.
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