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Mommy Makeover Procedure

Mommy Makeover

A combination of techniques to sculpt the body and breast to create contouring after childbearing.

  • General statement: Pregnancy and childbirth can cause many changes to a woman’s body. Once a patient has decided they are done having children, Plastic Surgery is an option to help fix some of the changes your body experienced during that time. A consultation includes a full evaluation targeting the patients particular areas of concern. Typical sites including with a mommy-makeover include the breasts, abdomen, and flanks.
  • Why? Although pregnancy is one of the most incredible gifts in life it does cause change to a woman’s body. The breast, particularly after breast feeding, may become ptotic and deflated, the abdomen after stretching can likewise have sagging tissue. There may also be areas of unwanted fat that are bothersome, and were not present prior to having children. These areas of concerns can be addressed and corrected with a “mommy make-over”
  • Are you a candidate? If you have had at least one pregnancy and experienced changes to your body from that time then you are likely a candidate. Schedule a consultation at the Trihealth Cosmetic and Rejuvenation center for a thorough evaluation.
  • The procedure and recovery: The breast surgery can include a breast augmentation and lift. The abdomen can be treated with a tummy tuck and/or liposuction. Depending on which procedures you undergo the recovery will be variable. During your consultation, this will be discussed in detail.
  • The results: The goal of this surgery is to help reverse the changes of pregnancy and child rearing to a realistic outcome. The areas of concern will be discussed with you and your surgeon.
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