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Coping with Change

Life has always involved change, but this year brought us unprecedented challenges.  Change is often positive and brings us new and exciting opportunities.  Yet change can also come with loss, grief, and disappointment.  Explore the challenges of managing change in our personal and work lives and discuss strategies to help us thrive and cope effectively with change.

Positive Psychology

In the past, psychology focused on helping people alleviate negative emotions, such as depression, grief or anxiety. Positive psychology focuses on helping people boost a positive emotion, called happiness. This training explores what makes us happy, describing qualities that help people feel happy and methods for establishing and developing those qualities. 

What, Me Worry?

COVID-19 has brought new precautions and unfortunately an increased tendency to worry. Worry itself is a normal and healthy coping mechanism but too much can make us overwrought, sleepless, and unhappy. This training focuses on describing the difference between productive and unproductive worry and outlining strategies on how to worry less and enjoy life more even in the age of COVID.

Verbal De-escalation Strategies

Providing exceptional customer service can be challenging as we strive to meet the wants and needs of the individual being served. What do you do when you are challenged with a person who is upset, angry, and out of control? When faced with this behavior, primal instincts may activate which can lead to lashing out in an inappropriate manner, running from the conflict, or feeling helpless and unable to respond.  This training can help you learn and master a more effective response through the use of Verbal De-escalation Strategies. Training participants will feel empowered in their abilities as they learn to utilize targeted communication and engagement techniques that are designed to defuse conflicts and reduce agitation of escalated persons in an effort to increase safety and generate positive outcomes.

Managing Your Mood Without Using Food

Stress, depression, anxiety, anger and boredom can often act as a trigger to over-consume. Even the term “comfort food” suggests that eating helps provide some people with emotional security — possibly at risk to their health. In this presentation, you will learn how to manage your mood without using food, while learning some healthy strategies to reduce stress and avoid overeating.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand our emotional makeup, and to use that knowledge to manage our feelings and build relationships. Studies have shown that success in our careers and relationships depends less on our IQ’s and more on our EQ’s. This training will help participants understanding Emotional Intelligence and using it for their own benefit by defining emotional intelligence, educating on how our brains work to influence our emotions, and discussing methods each of us can employ to build a stronger emotional intelligence.

The Whole Person's Survival Kit

With today’s pressures, we’re all struggling with increased pressure and increased worry. This training focuses on some of the difficulties many of us are experiencing, and how to cope with them using a holistic “survival kit.” This includes an introduction into basic stress management skills and other strategies to insulate ourselves from many contemporary stressors.

Generational Differences in the Workplace  

This is the first time in history that we have 5 generations in the workplace.  And while each employee is very unique, many people of the same generation share similar values, communication styles, and comfort with change and technology.  Therefore, this training focuses on:

  • Identify the five generations now in the workplace
  • Identifying the characteristics unique to each generation
  • Discuss strategies to come to an understanding, and be able to work within generations in a cooperative and productive way
Building Emotional Well-Being

A good sense of wellbeing encompasses all aspects of our lives, including our sense of purpose, our social well-being, our financial security, a positive sense of community and good physical and emotional health.  And emotions play a strong role in each aspect. This training will focus on each aspect of well-being, and on practical steps we can all take to enrich our emotional well-being in each area.  


Resilience is the ability to “adapt” and “bounce back” in times of stress and challenge.  It helps us through difficult times, and gives us a greater satisfaction with life, and a stronger set of skills to help us achieve our personal goals.  In this training, we will define resilience and its positive effects, and describe how each of us can increase our own resilience.

Managing Conflict for Supervisors

  • Better understand common causes or workplace conflict
  • Learn your 'default' style of managing conflict
  • Develop knowledge of the style best suited for handling workplace conflict in a healthy manner 
  • NOTE: Please click here to complete the Conflict Resolution Style quiz prior to watching the webinar.

Managing Employee Performance Issues

  • Examine options for assistance through their Employee Assistance Program
  • Explore additional resources for addressing difficult employee situations 

Strengths-Based Leadership

  • Explore leadership from a strengths-based perspective
  • Examine why people choose to follow a leader
  • Discuss the 3 keys to be a more effective leader


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