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TriHealth Corporate Health

Management Referral Process

TriHealth EAP assists companies by working with human resources, management and medical personnel regarding employees who are having workplace problems. TriHealth EAP provides employers with consultation services, a structured referral process and professional assessment of individuals exhibiting problems in the workplace. TriHealth EAP offers two types of formal management referral options: a Performance Referral and a Fitness-for-Duty Referral.

A Performance Referral is specifically designed as an effective tool for managers/supervisors working with a employee exhibiting deteriorating work performance, behavior or attitude. The goal is to assist the employee with his/her issues and improve the employee’s performance and productivity. Circumstances warranting a performance referral include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing absenteeism/tardiness
  • Deteriorating quality and/or quantity of work
  • Decreased performance level due to specific personal/social/work-related issue
  • Safety issues (not included in the Fitness-for-Duty category)
  • Difficulty accepting supervision
  • Problems with interpersonal relationships

A Fitness-for-Duty Referral is utilized when there are grave concerns about a employee’s ability to function safely at work. Circumstances warranting this type of referral include, but are not limited to:

  • Positive test for drug/alcohol use
  • Poor concentration, memory loss, blackouts
  • Agitation, hallucinations, disordered thoughts
  • Delusions, obsessions
  • Argumentative, irritable or hostile behavior
  • Suspicion, negativity, social withdrawal
  • Suicidal/homicidal thoughts or threats
  • Inappropriate affect
  • Significant health-related problems (diminished capacity/inability to perform)

The Management Referral process begins with a phone call from company personnel, usually human resources medical staff or supervisory personnel. The employer provides pertinent information, and our clinical supervisor provides direction in the referral process. Necessary paperwork is completed and forwarded to TriHealth EAP. The employer schedules the appointment directly with TriHealth EAP. Follow-up contact with the employer will be by phone and in writing. The employer may request the frequency and format of these updates.

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