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TriHealth Corporate Health

EAP Models of Service

What is TriHealth EAP?

TriHealth EAP is designed to be part of a comprehensive strategy for human resource health and productivity management. It includes services for the employer organization, your employees and their families, because all three are important to achieving optimal return on investment.

How Does TriHealth EAP Work?

The TriHealth EAP philosophy is the same for employer organizations, employees and their families. TriHealth EAP accomplishes this by using the most convenient and lowest cost means appropriate to the situation. Services are available through the Internet, by phone and in person, depending on the needs and preferences of the client. Cost is managed by providing a continuum of services and guiding clients to the level of assistance they need.

What's Provided for the Employer?

First, TriHealth EAP will help you determine what your organization needs. Nobody wins if you contract for the wrong service, or too much or too little of the right service. We offer a range of programs:

  • Pay-as-you-go fee-for-service programs
  • On-demand fitness-for-duty and Substance Abuse Professional assessments
  • 1 – 3 assessment and referral models
  • 1 – 5 and 1 – 10 models of in-person counseling by licensed professionals, which include telephone counseling when necessary
  • Comprehensive employee assistance solutions with sophisticated Web-based assistance and case management up to disability care management.

Second, we coordinate with you to ensure the best possible implementation of services, from top leadership team briefings, to Supervisor Training, to orientation for front line staff and their families. The program promotion effort is ongoing after implementation to keep utilization strong and maintain your ROI.

Third, we provide periodic reporting and analysis of activity and outcomes to give you the information necessary to manage the program. If you need additional consultation services on issues related to health and productivity, TriHealth EAP Organizational Services has the professionals to provide it, from MDs to MBAs.

What's Provided for the Employee?

Services Include:

  • In-person counseling with experienced, licensed professionals
  • Referrals to other health professionals when necessary
  • Current, authoritative information on a broad range of topics through the website, with such tools as  TriHealth's Blog and WorkLife services.
  • Specialized services such as Legal Assist, Financial Assist and ID Recovery.
  • Enrichment Series seminars
  • Brown bag presentations
  • Posters to remind employees of the services available
  • Written materials on a variety of topics to educate and inform
  • "Ask A Counselor" and "Ask An Expert" services that enable employees to get answers to specific inquires within two business days by email

My TriHealth EAP Coach for lifestyle/wellness and parenting issues

What About the Families?

Families can be a employee’s primary support system and they can also be a source of stress. Spouses and children of employees also have access to in-person counseling with experienced, licensed professionals. TriHealth EAP offers information and assistance on a variety of topics, such as health and wellness, parenting, childcare, eldercare and other issues that may confront a family. The TriHealth EAP website includes articles on a wide variety of topics with special attention to employee and family health. Premium services are available, including My TriHealth EAP Coach parent coaching and lifestyle/wellness coaching.

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