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TriHealth Corporate Health

Why Choose TriHealth EAP?


TriHealth EAP has provided EAP and WorkLife services to management, employees and family members of employees throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada for more than 20 years.


TriHealth EAP staff have masters and/or PhD-level degrees in their field and an average of more than 15 years of clinical experience.


TriHealth EAP's clients have multiple access points into our service. Clients may enter our system by scheduling an appointment to see one of our counselors in person at one of our multiple convenient locations. A client also may use our phone counseling or online service to communicate with one of our therapists. Access to our web site provides a seamless link to a variety of personal healthcare and WorkLife resources.


TriHealth EAP's current availability average is 4–5 days to schedule a routine appointment. TriHealth EAP operates a 24-hour crisis line 7 days a week. TriHealth EAP is known for its readiness and ability to respond to requests for diverse types of EAP training, organizational development and CISD interventions. TriHealth EAP works with its customers to encourage the use of its varied services with the goal of maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. When you need immediate answers or on-site assistance, we won’t let you down.

Client Satisfaction

We continually monitor client satisfaction with our services, and we look for new ways to enhance our program to make it more valuable to our clients by regularly using a Client Satisfaction Survey.

Clinical Care

We monitor the effectiveness of our clinical services for the best possible outcome by using an Outcomes Management Survey.

Customer Service

TriHealth EAP believes in the benefits of technology while offering the personal attention that you need. TriHealth EAP has a proven, same-day response to customer requests for assistance. We employ a dedicated team of skilled professionals, both on the clinical and corporate level. Every call is answered live by a responsive, knowledgeable support professional who can direct your call.

Demonstrated Quality

TriHealth EAP was successfully surveyed according to the Standards of the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Formal Management Referral Process

Each management request - whether for supervisory consultation, a performance referral, or a Fitness for Duty referral - receives prompt, personal and expert attention. We routinely monitor the effectiveness of our referral process. We routinely receive a 97 percent satisfaction rating from a survey of managers who referred troubled employees to TriHealth EAP.


TriHealth EAP can help you promote our services within your company through monthly articles, posters, flyers and presentations.

Quality Initiatives

TriHealth EAP has built its reputation on the quality of its clinical care and responsiveness to each and every client. We continually measure our client satisfaction and the effectiveness of our services in improving the quality of our clients' lives. We provide ongoing training to our staff to futher improve their skills.

Service Options

We understand that not all companies have the same need, employee base or risks. At any time in our relationship, you may explore other options or models of service. When your needs change, our product flexibility assures that you won’t need to look beyond TriHealth EAP.

Substance Abuse Professional

TriHealth EAP conducts a specialty SAP assessment, referral and return-to-work coordination for employees requiring such intervention under the Federal Department of Transportation or the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Discount Program.

Utilization Reporting

TriHealth EAP uses a reporting system that allows companies to monitor the utilization and effectiveness of the system through quarterly reports, year-end executive summaries and employee satisfaction survey reports. We continually look for new ways to enhance our program and make it more valuable and beneficial for you.

WorkLife Services

TriHealth EAP offers WorkLife services that focus on a variety of issues, including financial issues, legal concerns, family issues, parenting concerns, career development and physical and emotional wellness.

Training Services

TriHealth EAP offers a wide variety of training options for both supervisors and employees as well as their family members, including on-line training and webinars.


TriHealth EAP makes every effort to keep our overhead low and remain competitively priced. We think we make good business sense. The U.S. Department of Labor reported, "for every dollar invested in a Employee Assistance Program (EAP), employers generally save anywhere from $5 to $16."

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