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What Services does TriHealth EAP Provide?


TriHealth EAP provides assessment and counseling for employees and immediate family members of companies that contract for TriHealth EAP. There is no problem too large or too small to bring to TriHealth EAP. During the first session, you and your counselor will discuss the goal(s) of your counseling and develop a written plan of action. If longer-term counseling or specialized care is needed, your counselor will refer you to a qualified professional or organization in the community. The services of TriHealth EAP are confidential, complying with all state and federal laws.

In-Person Brief Counseling

The nature of brief counseling may differ, depending on the presenting issue. However, some of what may occur includes learning more effective communication techniques, learning more effective parenting techniques, learning how to be assertive, learning more effective problem solving and negotiation styles, learning how to manage anger, learning how to be more organized, and learning how to manage stress.

The majority of problems that employees and family members bring to counseling can be improved and/or resolved in brief counseling. If longer-term counseling or specialized care is needed, your counselor will refer you to a qualified professional or organization in the community.

Telephone Counseling

TriHealth EAP offers telephone counseling as a possible alternative to coming in-person to one of the TriHealth EAP offices. In most cases, the clients meet in-person with the counselor at least for the first session. Then, if appropriate, and the decision to continue counseling by phone is mutually agreed upon by the client and the counselor, the client will have the option of continuing his/her EAP care by phone. This option is not available to clients who are referred to TriHealth EAP by their company as a result of job performance issues. Telephone counseling may be particularly convenient for people with very crowded and changing schedules; those with physical disabilities or limitations; those with family obligations that make travel time difficult, and for those who may have to negotiate difficult geographic distances. It is not appropriate for marital and family counseling, counseling with children, and certain problem areas, such as significant depression or anxiety.

Referral to Specialized Care

The majority of problems presented can be improved or resolved through brief counseling. If the client and the counselor decide that additional services for specialized or longer care are required from an outside resource, a referral will be made. Your exact need, benefit coverage, and a convenient location will be considered before the referral is made.

Referral to Community Based Resources

On occasion, the client and the counselor will agree that a referral needs to be made to an appropriate community service or program, to help the client with a particular problem. One example of a community service program that is often utilized is Credit Counseling for clients who need help with financial difficulties. Another example could be a referral to Alcoholics Anonymous for a client who is in the early stages of alcoholism. Often these referrals coincide with on-going EAP counseling.

24-Hour Crisis Line

Counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone for employees and immediate family members of contracted companies who have a behavioral health emergency. Please call (513) 891-1627, or (800) 642-9794 outside the Cincinnati area, if you need emergency assistance. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Ask A Counselor

TriHealth EAP welcomes your questions about work/family life concerns and comments about our services. Please click on "Register" below and submit your comments or questions. A counselor will reply within two business days. If your concerns are urgent, please call (513) 891-1627, or (800) 642-9794 outside the Cincinnati area.

Register to contact a counselor.

Excelling at Work & Life Training Series

Through the Excelling at Work & Life series, TriHealth EAP offers training sessions designed to equip participants with skills that elevate their ability to thrive personally and professionally. Formerly known as our Employee Enrichment and Supervisor Trainings, the Excelling at Work & Life series is offered through your employee assistance program at no cost. Several sessions, indicated by an asterisk, will be facilitated by both an EAP Clinician and a Workplace Wellbeing & Fitness Coordinator to address the topic through both a mental and physical health approachView a complete list of the seminars that are being offered this year.

Financial Assist

Through Financial Assist, employees have access to free, telephone financial education on a variety of consumer issues. By calling TriHealth EAP's main number, (513) 891-1627 or (800) 642-9794 toll-free, the employee can obtain basic information on important financial topics, such as budgeting, home-buying, life event planning, bankruptcy, foreclosure prevention, college fund planning, credit card debt, retirement planning, and preventing credit card fraud.

Legal Assist

Through Legal Assist, the employee has access to a scheduled in-person meeting with an attorney or access to an attorney via telephone (the Telephone Advice Attorney Network) for up to a 30-minute consultation, at no charge, around a variety of common legal issues. The consultation consists of an analysis of the situation and advice on how to proceed. There is no document review or creation during this free consultation. If the employee chooses to retain the attorney, they receive a 25% discount off the attorney's hourly fee. Call us at (513) 891-1627 or (800) 642-9794 to take advantage of this benefit. 

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