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Protecting Your Greatest Investment —
Good Health

Guy stretchingTriHealth Executive Health can help enhance your well-being, leading to greater life balance, increased energy, and the confidence of knowing you’re at the top of your game. It also can help protect the health of your company by providing your leadership team with information and resources to reach their highest potential.

We tailor the program to your specific needs and offer services at Bethesda North Hospital and TriHealth Kenwood.

For Companies:

Shrewd businesses know their most critical investment is the health and effectiveness of their leadership . . .

“The value of your program has to do with creating focus and improving performance for our leadership team. All of my executive VPs make multi-million dollar decisions on a daily basis. I believe this program will help my executives to make right decisions. If one executive makes one more right decision or one fewer wrong decision in the next year because of this program, it will more than cover our investment." – CEO

For Individuals:

Your health directly influences every aspect of your life. By taking just one day of your time, we can help optimize your health and enhance your well-being . . .

"If my primary care physician had given me a list 8-10 tests I needed, and I had to go all over town to get them done, I'd never have taken the time to do it. At TriHealth, it's one day. I blocked it out on my calendar like I would any other meeting, but this meeting was just about me.” – Executive VP

Evaluation Components

Your comprehensive evaluation may include these components:

  • Complete medical history review and physical examination
  • Comprehensive blood and urine analysis
  • Blood homocysteine and C-reactive protein tests
  • Standard cardiac stress testing
  • Stress echocardiogram
  • Nuclear imaging (as indicated)
  • Colonoscopy
  • Chest X-ray
  • Chest CT scan for coronary calcification scoring
  • Carotid ultrasound screening
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Audiogram
  • Vision screening with test for glaucoma
  • Body composition analysis
  • Fitness, nutrition and life-balance analysis and coaching
  • Health and wellness analysis with specific recommendations
  • Bone densitometry (DEXA scan) for women and men at risk for osteoporosis
  • Mammogram
  • Consultations with medical specialists and physical therapists as indicated
  • Consultations related to holistic therapies
  • International travel consultations, immunizations including all vaccinations and prophylactic medications needed based on executive’s travel itinerary and health  

Schedule Your Personal Executive Health Day

Make health a priority. Schedule your personal executive health day or arrange for the participation of your management team by calling (513) 891-1622 or emailing us today.

Executive Health Client Brian Lawlor’s Life-Altering Story

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