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TriHealth EAP Affiliates

TriHealth EAP provides employee assistance programs to large and small employers in the Cincinnati Tristate area and nationally. For current affiliates, this site contains the information and forms to work with referred clients. In addition, educational resources are available to copy and distribute. Our goal is to assist you in efficiently caring for your clients.

Diagnoses generally appropriate for EAP counseling include V codes such as relationship problems, parent-child relational problems, etc. In addition, adjustment disorders may often be successfully treated in an EAP setting when the focal issue can be resolved with a brief therapy model and

  • Risk to self, others or property is rated none to low
  • The client's issues require no medical supervision or the client is stable on medication
  • Solution to one focal conflict is the main therapeutic issue and there are specific attainable goals
  • Symptoms are mild

The client should be referred to an appropriate resource for any issue that exceeds these criteria. Referral should occur within the first three sessions. When referral is indicated, insurance benefits are be accessed or the client may choose to self-pay. Note that the EAP does not cover the first six (or 10, depending on the contract) sessions of ongoing treatment. If you are on the client's insurance panel, we do not prohibit self-referral if you have discussed referral options and have directed the client to obtain insurance authorization, in necessary.

If you have any questions about our referrals, or have questions about the Employee Assistance Program benefit, please contact us at (513) 891-1691 or (800) 642-9794.

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