Critical Incident and Trauma Response Program

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TriHealth EAP provides a rapid response to any emergency that may occur at your company. Our Critical Incident/Trauma Response Program is designed to provide assistance to organizations and their employees who are experiencing the physical, emotional and psychological effects or a critical/traumatic event.

Critical/traumatic events are outside the range of ordinary human experience. They are overwhelming, powerful and generally disruptive to individuals and groups. Some examples are:

  • The death or critical illness of a co-worker or a co-worker's family member
  • A serious accident or injury involving a employee in or outside of the workplace
  • Acts of violence, assault, war, tragic or catastrophic events
  • Acts of terrorism, threats, toxic exposure
  • Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes or floods

All calls from a company representative for crisis assistance receive an immediate response from TriHealth EAP. The following process is followed:

  • Assessment: An initial assessment of the impact of the critical incident/trauma on company personnel is developed.
  • Gathering Facts:  Detailed information about the critical incident/trauma is gathered.

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