General Surgery Residents

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5th Year Residents

  • Mary Carrier, DO
    Marian University
  • Joel Hlavaty, MD
    University of Cincinnati
  • Josh Meredith, MD
    University of Louisville
  • Allie Olmstead, DO
    University of North Texas

4th Year Residents

  • Katie Markesbery, DO
    Ohio University
  • Garrett Rogers, MD
    University of Cincinnati
  • Lauren Yoder, MD
    University of Cincinnati

3rd Year Residents

  • Katie Dick, DO
    University of Pikeville
  • Nora Elson, MD
    University of Cincinnati
  • Mia Samaha, MD
    University of Cincinnati
  • Dante Souza, MD*
    Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre, Brazil

2nd Year Residents

  • David Kutz, MD
    University of Cincinnati
  • Jay Lynch, MD
    Indiana University
  • Amanda Rebic, MD
    University of Texas San Antonio
  • Madison Goss, MD*
    Penn State College of Medicine

1st Year Residents*

  • Amro Al Ashi, MD
    Florida International University
  • Matthew Kerr, MD
    University of Illinois – Peoria
  • Antonio Malkoun, MD
    University of Cincinnati
  • Mitchell Mirande, DO
    Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Madeline Weltzer, MD
    University of Kentucky

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