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Remote Access Available for Physicians

Physicians with medical staff privileges will have the opportunity to request remote access to TriHealth Connect. This will provide you with access to your patient records and the ability to place orders while off-site. Remote access will be available for Windows-based, MAC computers and iPads.

After requesting remote access you will be provided with a key fob and access instructions that can be picked up from the Security location you chose. The key fob will be needed for remote access (outside of the TriHealth network) to TriHealth Connect. The key fob will also be used for order entry when remotely accessing TriHealth Connect.

If you would like remote access, and have not yet requested a key fob, please complete the Physician Remote Login Request Form.

Once your request is approved, you may pick up your key fob at the Security office of the hospital you indicate on the request form. You will be notified via the email address indicated on your request form when the key fob is ready for pick-up.

If you currently use a TriHealth key fob, you will not need a new one.

  • VMWare View Client Installation Instructions
    This document explains the process for installing and using the VMware View Client for use with TriHealth virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and external Epic Clinical Access. Also included are instructions on how to sign an Epic Order remotely using your KeyFob.