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  • TriHealth School to Work Moenaysha BrewsterMoenaysha Brewster
  • TriHealth School to Work Wayahni DillardWayahni Dillard
  • TriHealth School to Work Jorrie HopeJorrie Hope
  • TriHealth School to Work Brandyn JohnsonBrandyn Johnson
  • TriHealth School to Work Kimani JonesKimani Jones
  • TriHealth School to Work Ariyana McCurdyAriyana McCurdy
  • TriHealth School to Work Diamond RichardsonDiamond Richardson
  • TriHealth School to Work Keyona SchillKeyona Schill
  • TriHealth school to Work Andy VelasquezAndy Velasquez
  • TriHealth School to Work Taja WilliamsTaja Williams
Student Testimonials
TriHealth school to Work

Moenaysia (Moe) Brewster

"The School to Work program has opened my eyes to a new world from self-management to patient contact. It is truly a wonderful opportunity to not only learn but to build up work experience. I feel as if every student at a Cincinnati Public School (CPS) who is interested in a career in healthcare should have the opportunity to participate in this program."

TriHealth school to Work

Brandyn Johnson

“This School to Work program has empowered me to be the best I can be in anything I do. I’ve met a lot of new people in different health care fields. I have been exposed to many different facilities and I am very thankful for this opportunity.”

TriHealth school to Work

Keyona Schill

“This program has brought me new opportunities and knowledge. School to Work has brought me close to patients and given me a better understanding of the career I want to pursue in the future."

TriHealth school to Work

Andy Velasquez

"The School to Work program is great program that is giving me the opportunity to work in different hospital departments. I am learning a lot about healthcare and different careers that are clinical and non-clinical. There were also moments when I had to translate for Spanish speaking visitors which many times came in very helpful."

TriHealth school to Work

Taja Williams

“This opportunity has been great. I am getting a lot of exposure to various departments and career options during my rotations. I am meeting a lot of new people and enjoy working with them.”

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